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We focus on developing strategic timelines and creating key demographic personas - all in the pursuit of getting as many eyes on you product, service or brand as possible. Our company consists of writers, producers, directors, animators, art directors, photographers, brand developers, graphic designers, filmmakers, analysts, clothing designers and many many more.
We develop paid marketing strategies for cross platform deployment, including web integration via social channels. We track efficiency through our global social media analytics partner, giving us the power to listen in on media traffic, content climate and regularly report strategy effectiveness and direction.
Our in house creative team works closely together - covering everything from product imagery to full scope film and design campaigns. This balance of hands on -  creative, deep market listening ensures advertising spends are as efficient as possible, saving our clients both money and time, whilst building fashion forward brand presence alongside continued recognition.
Padawan allows full access to analytical data and customisable reports through client portal logins. We feel that allowing our clients access to key performance metrics means more effective communication and ‘to the minute’ feedback - 24/7.
We believe the key to authentic, scalable growth is through summiting key messaging indicators, utilising original - platform specific storytelling techniques.
Our in-house studio equipment and editing suites mean we are ready to create at any time, from conception through to placement and tracking based adjustments.
Our dedicated customer relationship management team are in constant contact with the social media team and content creators - meaning not only do we have the best customer insight through daily social channel interactions and analytics tracking, but we can cross reference customer feedback whilst pivoting into organic, situational based marketing - turning a potential bad review into a brand education opportunity, sales lead or future customer conversion.
We are a collective of creatives, marketers and trendsetters - focused on high level brand development, CRM, content creation and analytically driven social media management. Our approach is simple, yet effective - we utilise three key ingredients to maximise effectiveness. Creating engaging content, studying industry specific data and lastly promoting our clients through our creative, original edutainment.
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